Monday, September 10, 2012

Buddy Guy

1. Just finished the authobiography book of Buddy Guy, "When I Left Home"...A beautiful book from an honest, humble, and talented person.

2. I am not a musician, far away from able to play even one song...but Buddy's book enrich me with many things..history, music, and human...

3. "The blues makes life better wherever it goes..even the blues is sad, it turns your sadness to joy. Ain't that a beautiful thing?" (B.Guy)

4. If you want to learn about being humble, about friendship and respecting others, and about should read Buddy's book

5. It is not a management book, but as said "leadership is a relationship", you will find it damn right on Buddy Guy's book. He is a leader.

6. Buddy Guy pursued his dream by left his home, to Chicago on Sep 25,1957. Success not come instantly through talent needs process

7. Buddy Guy, his talent influenced Clapton, Hendrix, The Stones, SRV...but his personality goes beyond music...A role model to learn for

8. Buddy Guy adlh cermin, bhw menjadi legend bukanlah semata dr ekspertise...tapi dari personalitas & sebanyak apa org bs belajar dari kita

9. Buddy Guy menjadi contoh, bahwa the respecting others and caring about others akan menghasilkan legitimasi kepemimpinan

10. Buddy Guy menunjukkan, bahwa being humble bukan berarti rendah diri, negatif, dan lemah...tapi sebaliknya. Humble adalah proses aktif.

11. Teringat Jeff Immelt ketika ditanya kenapa dia yg dipilih jd Chariman GE, Jawabnya "i think because my friends in GE love me".

12. Buddy Guy besar krn his friends (Muddy, BB, John Lee, smp Clapton) love him...Leaders need to learn to become a good friend for others

13. Friendship come if you start respecting others, respecting differences, and respecting other success...Iri tdk masuk dlm kamus Buddy Guy

14. If you talk about hard life, read Buddy's stories about black people in US in the 30's - 50's. Buddy adalah pemetik kapas di plantation

15. Jika ingin tahu bagaimana susahnya pursuing dream, read Buddy's story ttg sharing kasur (nunggu yg pny kasur brkt kerja dl br bisa tdr)

16. Wanna talk about resilience in pursuing dream? Buddy Guy dgn talenta selangit baru dapat Grammy pada umur 55 tahun

17. Para new comer di dunia kerja, tidak perlu semuanya jadi fast tracker...if you are good, you will shine anyway...learning is the key

18. Buddy Guy mengingatkan sy ttg konsep dasar leaders-followers. Leadership diakui dan datang dari followersnya. It is earned, not bought.

19. "Stay around a little longer", Buddy Guy...I'm honored I had a chance to meet you personally. One more play in Jakarta, Please...

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