Monday, December 5, 2011

Other Tweet by @HandryGE - Part 01

I'm always optimistic Indonesia will become better...whatever condition that we have now...the key is education...more informal education..
26 Jun via web

Einstein : "We cannot solve the problem with the same mindset we create it"..Glad that GE foster the culture of thinking outside the box...
29 Jun via web

bad leaders will not be able to do bad things if they have good followers who have the courage to say No and provide options of solution..
30 Jun via web

"Mimpiku sejak dulu jadi guru..." (Muslimah, musikal laskar pelangi)...Aku juga Mus...
1 Jul via UberSocial for BlackBerry

Argentina soccer team needs to learn the concept of followership...
2 Jul via web

the time you feel that you work like a robot and you are no longer able to learn the time for you to find a jew job...
8 Jul via web

Bahagia bisa dinikmati kapan saja..misalnya ketika macet, mendapatkan jalan lancar sebentar..bahagia rasanya..walaupun habis itu macet lg..
9 Jul via UberSocial for BlackBerry

In Jogja...for GE, Jogja always become Daerah Istimewa....our story in Indonesia started here..
16 Jul via web

you are not ready to lead if you are not ready to follow....
26 Jul via web

The old ecomony is driven by economic of scale..the new ecomony will be by economy of network..
28 Jul via UberSocial for BlackBerry

The most wanted product in China is anything that not "Made in China"...The World is becoming more global!
30 Jul via web

selain perlu mendidik leader untuk lebih baik, juga perlu mendidik follower untuk tidak memilih leader berdasarkan citra ataupun uang saja..
4 Aug via web

pertanyaan wartawan hari ini: apakah leader cuma bisa tumbuh di lingkungan kondusif spt di GE well...@trimumpuni tumbuh dalam keterbatasan
4 Aug via web

a good leader is not only full with energy, but also able to energize others...otherwise, it is just a narcisstic leader
4 Aug via web

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it” (Edith Wharton, 1902 )
5 Aug via web

this country needs execution...measured, monitored, and evaluated execution...we are tired with just ideas, arguments, or compromise
5 Aug via web

If China now is the factory of the world, and India is the back office of the world, What Indonesia should be in this global world?
6 Aug via web

The time you feel you dont learn something new in your job, then it is the time to find another job...
6 Aug via web

Amazed with the digital world...Hebat luar biasa Allah, yang telah mencipatakan orang2x yang membuat duna digital menjadi semarak spt skrg..
6 Aug via web

Give high expectation to your followers, and they will have the self-fulfilling prophecy to perform better...
6 Aug via web

sudah mulai ramai pesta politik "pilihlah aku"...ramaikan juga pendidikan bagi para follower agar mereka jujur dan pandai dalam memilih...
6 Aug via web

leadership is a process, it's not only about good leader with vision or charisma..but also about good follower..educate followers to be good
7 Aug via web

My study about followers in some organizations in Indonesia shows that the most important factor for them is role model...walk the talk!
7 Aug via web

difference between arts & porn is..."when I see it!"....the same with leadership..good & bad leaders can be differentiate fr their execution
7 Aug via web

leadership is a perception of the followers....
7 Aug via web

kapan ya, kita bisa membicarakan improving competitiveness level of Indonesia seperti ramainya membicarakan nazaruddin...
13 Aug via web

for those who wants to run for a a research of what is the most top 3 important factors that your followers expect from you...
14 Aug via web

the bigger the gap of what follower wants from a leader and what leader thinks of his/her best leadership, the more follower will not follow
14 Aug via web

analisys of Indonesian followers: do they need charisma and image of hurted leader?
14 Aug via web

Idul Fitri...the moment where GE locos will carry heavy job to transfer millions of Indonesian who will do mudik...we are proud to serve!
14 Aug via web

the one who has high possibility to betray the leader is the closest follower who are frustrated with his/her beloved leader...
14 Aug via web

bad followers might turn a good leader into a bad one...always try to make your direct followers becoming good!
14 Aug via web

dengan menganggukkan kepala rasanya sudah cukup menghormati...tidak perlu salim, atau cium tangan...apakah benar salim itu budaya Indonesia?
14 Aug via web

One of GE Indonesia mission: partnering with Government and customers to develop local talent to become global leader...
16 Aug via web

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