Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pak Stu...A Boss, A Coach, and A Friend...

  1. How do we know a leader is great or just good because he/she made their numbers? I found the answer at . my boss who just retired.

  2. Tonight kultwit is about . The person that hired me at GE, almost 20 years boss, my friend, and my mentor.

  3. is regional Asean leader for my company, he just retired...after 35 years working. A long and wonderful career.

  4. 's career is wonderful not because he always win or meet his numbers..but because he creates so many leaders..he inspired others.

  5. At his farewell reception...all of his subordinates, ex-subordinates, friends, customers, came and give him respect.

  6. Great leaders create leaders. gives that example. He is passionately and never give up finding and coaching good talents.

  7. Another strength that has is treating people the same. His door is always open for discussion and ideas...for everybody.

  8. I learn a lot from . My first lesson from him was about "making mistake and learn from it".

  9. Good leader give room for his team to make mistake...but have to learn from it and make improvement next time.

  10. Good leader believe on his team, give them the stage to perform...with all the risk of mistakes that could be happened.

  11. When hired me...I was very young, local educated, and on a wheelchair....but he asked me to lead a meeting that full of "bule"

  12. I was afraid, not confidence & almost give up...but he smiled & said, "you have to do this..I trust you...let's play the game".

  13. It is not without risk that he asked me to lead. But he believes it's a leader's job to give me the stage to perform.

  14. I didn't do too well on that first meeting..a lot of mistakes here and there... said "well more prepared next time"

  15. grows his team's confidence..that what leader needs to do...give the team challenges and accompany them to solve it.

  16. The key here is leader not only give instructions and then gone. Leaders is available for their team. Leader is part of the team.

  17. One cannot be a good leader if they make a distance with their team. is always just one phone or one email away.

  18. Well, of course made mistakes. He is human...great leader is human, not robot...they make mistakes and they lead with heart.

  19. If leaders only lead with their logic or mind, then what Ultron did in The Avenger is logic. Achieve target with whatever way.

  20. is very competitive leader. He wants to win, he hates losses...but he hates more people who win without integrity.

  21. always listen to other opinion...but doesn't mean he is easily agree with it. Great leader always challenges his team hard.

  22. always open for second opinion...but he always has first opinion - His own opinion and ideas. Great leader is not a free rider.

  23. encourages a debate among his team. Democracy happened before decision is made. After decided, we all need to march together.

  24. Great leaders have endurance. O yeah.. demonstrates that for 35 years. He never slowing down to keep showing "do your best"

  25. Even on his last day, still worked as usual. I just realized that he is retired when his company email is no longer work...

  26. Leaders' real legacy is not exist in the form of statues or anything symbolic. It exist on the new leaders he/she creates.

  27. Leader's legacy cannot be created by "hero making process". It engraves in their success of creating other great leaders.

  28. The more humble a leader is, the more people got inspired by him/her...because humble leader treats everybody the same.

  29. Humble leaders is always open for learning...from everybody. I still remember how learned about email and "e" kind of things.

  30. Well, I learned a lot from you, is not fair if I don't share my learning to my friend in this social media world.

  31. Thank you for being a great role model, . Thank you for trusting me and the Indonesia team to keep growing. Happy life !

  32. A rare pic of the two of us...suka malu soalnya kalau foto bareng..haha.  Semoga sharing ini berguna teman2x.


Aan Hunaifi said...

Luar Biasa sharingya pak Handry..Bersyukur sekali punya Boss mentor dan sekaligus bisa jadi teman dalam mencapai karir..
Selalu menjadi menarik adalah leader harus membuat lebih banyak leader..dan memberikan panggung ke penerus..

indro_ch said...

Kereennn..........luar biasa sangat menginspiratif sharing pak Handry. So, it's quite true after you have written in your previously kultwit that " Leader create leader ". Pak Stu had shown his great leadership. He is truly a great leader........

Yanti said...

It's proven: pak stu made you as a Great Leader Bang Handry.. in making Great Leaders through your message and enthusiasm on every Seminar

Dream for the Future said...

Your story is very inspiring Pak. I will always be looking for such a great leader whom I can learn from. :)
Success for you and the family Pak.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot (again) bang Handry..all of your words make a real motivate booster for me..hope i can share it in my sales team bang..keep spirit up for always sharing bang..

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot (again) bang Handry..all of your words make a real motivate booster for me..hope i can share it in my sales team bang..keep spirit up for always sharing bang..

Zuber said...

So inspiring Bang Handry. Thank you again for helping me with your valuable advice and grooming future leaders. Wishing you great success ahead.