Monday, August 20, 2012


1. As we are gathering here in Crotonville with our customers from around the world, I'd like to share some stories about Indonesia.#bizindo

2. Indonesia is known as interesting market for companies around the world...the question is just how do they do the business there.#bizindo

3. For many companies, Indonesia is always become a future market...due to big population and natural resources. #bizindo

4. Well, the problem with that "future market" is some of the companies will invest, develop local talent, etc.."in the future". #bizindo

5. The implication for those who treat Indo as "future market" makes their growth strategy is not fully "engaged" w/ Indo growth. #bizindo

6. Many companies rely on statistics and media or consultant information on Indonesia to determine their strategy there. #bizindo

7. Business is not just based on statistic and numbers really need to be in the market and grow together with them. #bizindo

8. We have a vision to treat Indonesia as the "NOW market", where we commit to engaged and grow together w/ Indonesia. #bizindo

9. Engaged mean, we want to create the business, develop the market, together..& develop the local talent to become global leaders. #bizindo

10. Grow together mean like Leonardo Di Caprio said to Kate Winslet in Titanic Movie..."You jump I jump!". It needs a courage. #bizindo

11. "Grow together" need Courage to take a risk, to learn, to invest, and to trust the local team to lead the growth. #bizindo

13. Treating Indonesia as a NOW market need a positive optimistic view. Pesimistic and sarkastic will not work. #bizindo

14. The fact is, this country has 240M people, growing middle class, GDP growth 6-7%, and abundance natural resources. #bizindo

15. Sure, the corruption practices is still there, some extrimist exist, bureucracy is bad, execution of projects are slow..#bizindo

16. But again, that's how do we treat a market..whether you want to wait until everything is ready, or you build it together. #bizindo

17. For us, we choose to build it together...We put the optimistic mindset. We are growing tremendously in Indonesia since then. #bizindo

18. The Japanese use that mindset in the 70's. The Korean in the 90's...they are the key players in Indonesia. #bizindo

19. Doing the business in Indonesia need a mindset to build the country together...if the customer grow, you will grow as well..#bizindo

20. Localization doesn't mean only invest in making things in the country...most importantly, is to develop the people, the talent. #bizindo

21. Being "local" is a great challenge. The credo now is to globalize your business, you need to globalize the brain. #bizindo

22. Build the local talent, promote them to be global leader, learn together, and engaged with them...not only playing golf :) #bizindo

23. Doing business in Indonesia is growing together with Indonesia. Contribute to the the economy, infrastructure, and people. #bizindo

24. Doing business in Indonesia is working with customers to find the oppty together, that can give mutual benefit. #bizindo

25. Sometimes customer is not running as fast or as good as the international standard...don't give up and being pesimistics. #bizindo

26. Actually investment is also about sharing knowledge and upgrade the capability of your customers. #bizindo

27. Those who has the stamina to learn and grow with the customer, will win at the end...because business is about sustainability. #bizindo

28. Indonesia business is on the road to be better...probably not as fast as most the companies want, but that's the game. #bizindo

29. I am optimistic, and will continue to learn and grow with the local talent. They are the one who will bring a better Indonesia. #bizindo

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